Laykold is the leading major events court surface in the US and Canada with seven of the top 12 hard court events choosing the brand, including the U.S Open, Western & Southern Open, Miami Open, Canadian Open, Dallas Open, Winston Salem Open and Tennis in the Land (Cleveland). Laykold’s proven quality standards, dedication to player comfort, and sustainability efforts continue to be driving reasons customers are choosing Laykold.

Why choose Laykold?



Decades of experience and patented sand technology as well as consistency across multiple courts within 0.5 of point



The only courts with two and five year warranty options



The only courts to use recycled balls in construction



Products specially designed for optimal performance for local conditions with courts made in the U.S., Australia, and Germany



The only Australian and U.S. court manufacturer to be ISO 9001 certified for quality management



The highest possible environmental management ratings globally with ISO14001 certification



The world leader in green technology with Gel Courts made from 60% renewable materials



Innovation is always afoot, with the Force Reduction technology products like the Gel and Float systems.



As Laykold is owned by the world’s largest sport surface business — Sport Group — they have a fully integrated supply chain, and control all aspects of products from the lab to the raw materials to actual installation.

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